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 Post subject: Letter to Riot: League of Legends, re: Malzahar
PostPosted: Wed Feb 22, 2017 12:30 am 
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Dear Riot,

I am pretty damn unhappy with how some champions get a few kills and become unstoppable Juggernauts in the game and yet others have to piddle a long despite getting kills.
It also seems fairly stupid the game favors AD over AP champs. I am especially disappointed with how Malzahar has been Nerfed over and over and you (RIOT) have not looked into improving the Mechanics of Malzahar's Game play.

The logic for this is as follows:

1. AD champs have a stat that allows them to "Double" their damage where as AP champs do not. Thus over the 18 levels that a champ can rise to in the game, there is that inevitable point where one basic auto attack will do more damage than 1 AP caster's Ultimate attack. And since Auto attacks happen multiple times a second, the AP caster's Ult becomes essentially useless in the face of that kind of damage.

2. All Champs are now getting access to Items that Block Spell Casts with reliability... certain Champs... like Morgana, Lux, Malzahar have either long lasting Ults with damage over time OR a "telegraph" time that let's the enemy know the ult is coming. There are now 4 items in the game that reliably RUIN those ults (Edge of Night, Quick Silver Sash => Mercurial Scimitar and Banshee's Veil). AND ALL of these items allow the player to KEEP KILLING (My champ) while the enemy benefits from them.
YET, there are Not ANY Items that block auto-attacks for a period of time and also allow my champ to attack the enemy.
Zhonya forces my champ to lose his ult, and stop moving or doing anything. (unlike Morgana's ult)... Again WTH is this...

3. EVERY CC: Knock up, FLING, Stun etc... completely negates Malzahar's Ult.

Re: Malzahar's Spell Shield: Its F***ing useless when you have Champs Like Hecarim, Amumu, Nautilus, and Jarvan who break the shield without any significant downside to themselves at all. They railroad thru it, and then totally destroy Malzahar. Malazhar has NO innate escapes.

Other Champs Like Riven, Fiora, Zed, Talon and Yasuo put out so much damage, and/or block so much damage that its impossible to compete with them 1 to 1 past a certain point.
What I am saying is..
Given 2 players of equal skill, both in the same lane, with NO jungle interference...
A Malzahar will eventually fall and fall HARD to a Zed, Talon, Yasuo, Fiora, or Riven. Especially once the enemy has purchased Quick Silver Sash.

Malzahar does NOT Scale well anymore. Its kind of pathetic how we have Nasus, and Veigar, that have abilities that grow stronger as they farm but Malzahar has Nothing that will get him stronger once he reaches his final build. Additionally, its even more stupid that Veigar (at least in the version as of the date of this post) works based off of how strong my champ is... making it doubly more stupid.

4. Malzahar's base speed is pathetic... and he is be affected by Minion collisions? This is ridiculous because Malz has no escape, so what do you do? You making him slower too. You know what ... you guys are classic jerks. Why the hell does the Champ Float if he is affected by Minion Collisions?

5. You nerfed Malzahar's Voidling Frenzy...so now now they just Zombie Amble over to the "hyper mobile enemy" to gnaw on them... again WTF is that? They are useless against hyper mobile champs like Zed, Yasuo, Fizz who move too fast or become "untargetable". Without Frenzy.. they are mostly useless.

6. You nerfed the Voidlings so that they die in 1 shot vs Towers, and Dragons, and the Baron... so now Jungle Malzahar is even more pathetic than before.

I just want to say... *****************

I really despise everything you have done lately with Malzahar.

Why is this important?
Because... I am the one person in the WORLD who has played Malzahar more than ANY OTHER PERSON IN THE WORLD.
So, yea... it adversely affects my game that you keep ruining that champion.

And, its gotten to the point where the game is just not fun.
So, special thanks for ruining that.

Its seems pretty clear after playing hundreds if not over a thousand games that the method you guys use to "balance" random player joins in a game is purposefully designed to prevent people from rising with others of similar skill level. Instead, you combine statistically good players with bad players and create a mixed team which then results in no significant upward movement for the statistical majority of players. Basically, what you have is brownian motion... win some, lose some.
Its a really awful, hopeless and stupid method of progression the likes of which even SATAN would be proud, so congratulations on that.

So how do you fix these "Inequities"?
1. Give Malzahar back improved base speed AND Give him no minion collisions... (Or get rid of his floating, cause there's no reason for him to collide if he floats above the minions)
2. Return Frenzy back to his Voidlings.
3. Return the ability of the voidling to tank Dragon, Turret, and Baron back.
4. Bring back the prolonged duration of CC protection that Malzahar's shield once had... so that he is not completely useless when Ulted by Hecarim, Amumu, Jarvan...
5. ADD a SLOW in a small radius when the shield breaks so that when a melee champ smashes the shield, at least there is some HOPE for escape.
6. Improve his damage scaling so that he can actually do damage to tanks like he used to be able to do.

7. Stop mixing bad players with good players in RANKED games as follows: RIOT Shall not Randomly assign any player to a team with more than 2 rank difference...
BUT SHALL ALLOW for any rank to play with any rank if it is a pre-made group.
This idea, that bronzies should not play with gold players is totally stupid... THE BEST way for bad players to learn how good players do what they do , is to experience the game with them. But this should not be forced on ranked games by randomly assigning bad players to teams. it ruins the game... and then the game loses its fun.

I really enjoy hard games League of Legends games that are well fought, and where both teams use their skill to win, even when the enemy is the victor. but that is ruined completely by random matching of crappy players with good ones. Then it just becomes a game of chance.... and ability has ultimately very little to add.

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